If your business or organisation is interested in helping bring Bikefest and you would like to receive a Sponsorship Prospectus, please contact Adam Ferrier email: info@bigbangevents.com.au

Bikefest is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. We aim to deliver benefits to our sponsors that generate tangible returns on their investment.

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Bikefest is a creative event with a positive message and universal appeal. Bikefest benefits from the ability of cycling to offer something good to everyone: fun, fitness and smart transport. Even dedicated motorists can gain from less cars and easier parking! Bikefest is a celebration. Be part of it.

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Sponsoring Bikefest shows support for our community’s health, economy and environment. Bikefest is an effective tool to help meet the objectives of government and community organisations engaged with health, transport, tourism and sustainable development.

Bikefest helps businesses benefit from the growth of an active, vibrant city.

Bikefest will attract local, state and national attention. It’s a unique opportunity for our sponsors to reach all members of the cycling community: young and old, commuters, sporting and recreational cyclists – building good will and recognition in an expanding market.

Bikefest combines a fun, inclusive culture with professionalism and focus.The cost to deliver Bikefest is over $200,000 – it’s an investment in our community and an asset for our sponsors.


Bikefest has made a strong commitment to good health and a better environment and will build alliances with businesses and organisations that support these goals. Bikefest coordinators will liaise regularly with sponsors to ensure that the development of Bikefest is in accordance with agreed objectives.


Bikefest offers different levels of sponsorship with limits on numbers to maximise sponsors’ exposure and maintain a strong identity.